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Ocean Jasper

Ocean Jasper by The Vamoose

When working with semi-precious stones it’s easy to get inspired by the material itself. Ocean jasper is a perfect example, with it’s varying colours and orb-like patterns. Since finding the ocean jasper slab pictured above, I’ve been keeping an eye out for similar hued gemstones. The rope necklace on the far left features a beautiful piece of ocean jasper with spotted patterns resembling something of a deep sea nature. Sadly, it’s the only one I have at the moment, but I’m on the lookout for more! Continue reading →

Orange + Gold

Rope gemstone and brass jewellery by The Vamoose

New in the shop this week is a faceted citrine necklace with long braided cord. Although orange is usually associated with autumn, in lighter shades it’s a colour that makes me look forward to sunny spring days. Hopefully we’ll be seeing more of those soon! Continue reading →

Amethyst and Marble

Amethyst and marble by The Vamoose 00

I’m looking forward to sharing some of the new things I’ve been working on, but before then, here is a selection of favourites gathered from the past year. Amethyst and marble, with rope, brass and a few other pale-hued stones… Continue reading →

Pom Pom Factory

For anyone who has been waiting for the fabric necklaces to be restocked, a new batch is finally ready! The fabric and mesh necklace, pictured centre, is a new style inspired by this sample. After coming across the image on my flickr, I couldn’t resist recreating it as a smaller version. Continue reading →

Marie Hochhaus

Marie Hochhaus

Marie Hochhaus is a photographer living and working in Hamburg, Germany. I came across her work over a year ago on flickr and have been following ever since. Marie has a wonderful talent for capturing light and emotion within her photographs, creating images with both a serious and playful appeal. Such a pleasure to see a selection of my jewellery featured in one of her shoots! Continue reading →

Leather + Amethyst

Leather and amethyst necklace by The Vamoose

leather, cotton cord, silk and amethyst necklace with vintage brass components

While making the final preparations for a new collection of rope and gemstone pieces, I took an impromptu side step and introduced some leather to the mix. Extra thick leather cord provided a simple and sturdy base for the collar style necklace, with an amethyst stone secured using wrapped silk, and cotton cord wedged in between. Continue reading →

Cool Hues

Etching, Lake Superior, Wisconsin, 2009 by Lisa M. Robinson

“On the surface, these images are quite beautiful. They appear elegantly simple and accessible, evoking, perhaps, the silent tranquility that one might feel after a fresh snowfall. Beneath the surface, however, there is a subtle tension. Like fine haiku, each image quietly references another season, a time of life or activity that has already passed, and may come again. ” Lisa M. Robinson on her Snowbound series Continue reading →

Eefje de Coninck

Fetie x The Vamoose

As promised, here is the second part of my collaboration with Belgium photographer Eefje de Coninck, featuring a selection of jewellery inspired by cathedral interiors, ocean waves and the cool hues of a glacial landscape. Eefje and her team styled the pieces with draped fabric, subtle makeup and softly braided hair against a back drop of marble and stone. View part 1 of the collaboration here.

Photography and styling by Eefje de Coninck | Hair and makeup by Noëmi Haesen | Modelled by Stine Sampers and Elke De Mey

Fetie x The VamooseFetie x The Vamoose Continue reading →

Feldspar + Pyrite

collection by The Vamoose

dried flowers | vintage postcard | porcelain jasper | pyrite bracelet | feldspar and brass necklace

Dried flowers, porcelain jasper and an old postcard helped provide the inspiration for the pyrite and feldspar pieces above. The design of the necklace was adapted from a previous feldspar version in pale grey, this time with a simplified approach and the addition of tiny brass discs. The feldspar squares have the most beautiful marbled pattern, with spots of colour in pink and mint. Continue reading →

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